About Us

It is very rightly said that many hundred years ago, Columbus set out to discover India . But he discovered America instead. It was not the glitter of gold and jewels that set his imagination ticking but the exotic stories of Indian spices and divine food. Kabob-n-Curry brings same spices and divine food to the Oklahoma City.

Our food is a beautiful fusion of three rich Asian Cuisines; i.e. Central Asia, Middle East and South Asia. A large variety of meat, lentil and vegetable curries, kabobs, rice (Biryani and Pulao) and traditional grilled items are essential part of our food. We are equipped with imported special clay ovens (Tandoori Oven) to bring you freshly made authentic breads and our specialty grilled items and kabobs, in their original form and taste.

We also serve assorted desserts, sweets and our traditional beverages, made from fresh dairy products, rice and vegetables.


  • A family friendly & cozy environment
  • All Zabiha Halal (Muslim Kosher) menu
  • Dine-in, take-out and catering
  • Free Wi-Fi access


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